Securing Our Children's Future


The Children's Future Depends Upon Our Cooperation Today

About our organization


The network was started in early 2014, and later registered as a Trust (Registration Number 2487) in September 2015, in the Republic of Kenya. The network currently brings together close to 40 indigenous grassroots organizations spread across the 3 countries.

Many organizations making efforts to improve the lives of children in Kenya face numerous challenges including; lack of capacity, limited resources and networks and general difficulty showcasing their good work and efforts.

Our approach

EACR works with and supports these grassroots organizations to: Showcase their work with children Strengthen their efforts and build their technical capacity to effectively implement child rights programs Strengthen their resource mobilization efforts for program growth, and Provide them a platform for sharing lessons, best practice and peer learning EACR mission is to ensure that Africa’s children grow to realize their dreams and ambitions in life. This is driven by a vision seeking to see a world that respects and listens to children; and allows them to grow in health and dignity.

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